Who’s In Your Boat?

So, this reflection didn’t happen at Biola, but it’s really the only thing I can hear to write about.

I have a friend whose dad had a stroke way back in 2007. He is still living, but is now in a nursing home. Sarah is twenty, and she has a 16-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister. Sarah’s mom took care of Mr. Joe for several years before he had to live in a nursing home.

This past weekend, Joe took a turn for the worse. The doctors said he had pneumonia, and they basically told his family not to keep their hopes up.

When Becky (my friend’s mom) put the update up on Facebook and spread it around to all her friends and family, her family was soon surrounded by loving people who were praying for Joe.

The next morning, Joe got better! Now, he didn’t have a miraculous FULL recovery, but he’s stable, and even improving a bit.

This just shows how much God provides for us. He doesn’t need to do most of the things He does; there are hundreds of things throughout our daily lives that we take for granted, but it takes these big things for us to notice.

So just remember (self and whoever else is reading this), when Jesus is in your boat, He can calm your storm.


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