Writing Samples:

For the most recent examples of my writing, visit my personal blog.


News ArticlesLa Habra Journal (Spring 2016)

Communications Writer, Biola University Department of Advancement (Spring 2015)

Torrey Paper Projectmirabundum (Fall 2014)

In lieu of a paper, I completed a blogging project, in an attempt to process and reflect upon my experience in Torrey so far while tackling questions relevant to the semester’s theme (“On the Cosmos”), current events, or the Christian life in general.

Course Assignments, Foundations of Journalism (Fall 2012) and Introduction to Convergence (Fall 2014)

These courses are the reason there is any content on this site, and I am proud of some of the work I did for them, especially my blogging project on the Church’s reaction to depression and other mental illnesses.

News ArticlesThe Chimes Newspaper (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)

For most of my first year at Biola, I freelanced for the news section of our student-run newspaper.